Early Spaying and Neutering

Matante Djinn & sa nièce Mistral /  Auntie Djinn with Mistral

Matante Djinn & sa nièce Mistral / Auntie Djinn with Mistral




Early Spaying and Neutering




Practicing these surgeries at a young age has become common practice at most veterinarians offices.


Some breeders like it, because it protects their so important breeding rights, and they feel safer this way.  Lots of vets like it because some of them don’t have the appropriate equipment (matter of size speaking) for a 140 pounds bitch… or a lot heavier male.    Doing surgery on a smaller size bitch is so easier…  And they don’t risk loosing some customers who might have to go to another clinic to perform the surgery.


They will tell you it impact temperament (smoothens it) and that you will avoid all sorts of cancers for both sexes…


What other breeders are realizing is that these early surgeries are NOT a good thing, especially among the mollossoïd group where the side effects, like the size of the dogs, are more evident:



  • Neutering young males still in their growth will have a negative impact on that growth; bones need the testosterone that is removed when neutering is done.  Their bones will not widen, they will only grow in length.  The head will remain puppylike, and  will keep the size it should be at six months for the rest of their lives. 
  • It will impact their movement;  they will walk in a funny way, like they are wearing high heels.
  • In the end, the dog’s body never really matures, it will become a very tall, skinny, dysfunctional mover, underdeveloped subject, no matter how good his pedigree is.
  • Spaying a young bitch often has the same effects;  but, it also has an impact on her urinary system;  it is well known that bitches that are spayed young will often end up with leaking problems at a young age…  When a Dane is leaking, we are talking about impressive quantities of liquid …
  • Going through some heat cycles is not a bad thing;  I have realized that it calms some of the puppy antics and allows the bitch temperament to mature.  As long as she is closely monitored when in heat – to avoid unwanted breeding-  there is nothing to worry about.  Pyometria at a young age are not something we see often.


For all these reasons, we strongly recommend that owners wait until the dog is at least 2 years old to perform the surgery.  We also strongly recommend that you read this article from Linda Arndt before going through those procedures.  It is very sad to loose a dog after what it supposed to be a simple procedure:










Djinn with her buddy Jappeloup

Djinn with her buddy Jappeloup