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Jappeloup et ses bébés

Jappeloup et ses bébés


Over the years, we have tried many things with our dogs, here are a few of the products we have been and are still satisfied with:



Primo Pads

These pads offer proper support;  just put a thick flush blanket on it, dogs love it and they receive the support they need.  In Québec, you can find the equivalent at Club Piscine’s stores.

The raised beds are great too, but not the ones manufactured by Petmate;  they are way too small and not sturdy enough.

Cleaning products

The Canadian Odor Control cleaner is a very good one we have been very satisfied with it over the years.  Their skunk shampoo is among the best.


The Bio-k is one of the most efficient pro-biotic products.  We use it to enhance the immune system in period of stress or to rule out diarrhea.

Plush elephant are not something Djinn recommend

Plush elephant are not something Djinn recommend