Thyroid & Immunity Titers Results

Jappeloup with her friend Djinn

Since some years now, we use Hemopet‘s services to do our Thyroid and immunity profiles.  Since they have no database, we publish our results here.

We have chosen to work with Dr Jean Dodds’s team to encourage their great work (the blood bank) along with their extensive research.  We have been more than impressed to see the thyroid databse they have built over the years, which allows them to really ”read” thyroid profiles.  They have found that, for some breeds, it is perfectly normal to show lower thyroid levels (like in the hound group), that diet, breeding status and age would influence the results.

Djinn thyroid 2009

Djinn titre vaccins 2008 hemopet

Djinn thyroid Hemopet 2008

Mistral Thyroide 2010

Mistral thyroide T3 2010

tucks hemopet thyroid report 2011

Joseph Hemopet 2011

Bergeron Tess déc.12

ft4 sept 2012 Folie

Tucks & his baby niece Tess